What UMBC Pre-Medical Students Do in the Summer!

Here at the University of Maryland we like to keep ourselves rolling at an excited pace. Below are many experiences that our Pre-Medical students did this past summer!

Name: A.Rizkallah
What I did: I spent the majority of the summer in the O.R. I began shadowing a vascular surgeon and eventually saw surgeries from each department in the hospital. I also spent a lot of time catching up with friends and relaxing at the ocean!

Name: S.Coates; Junior.
What I Did: Volunteered at shock trauma! Hung out on the helipad. Saw a brain surgery. Visited Havre de Grace. Rode in a speed boat!

Name: K.Smith
What I Did: This past summer, in the Medical Psychology Clinic and Lab
of Johns Hopkins Medicine, I studied the impact of cognitive reserve
on the processing speed decline associated with healthy aging and
brain atrophy. I then presented my research at UMBC’s Annual Summer
Undergraduate Research Festival.

Name: M.Moubarek
What I did: Researched at UMBC and took summer courses.
Name: L.Lewis
What I did: In July, I went to visit my family in Louisiana for a reunion and to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. While there, my aunt took my family and I to New Orleans for 2 days. My first day, my twin sister and I strolled through the French Quarter and walked down the famous Bourbon Street. At night I went on a guided ghost tour where I learned about old haunted brothels, hotels, and mansions sprinkled around the French Quarter. I even got to see some houses that famous celebs like Lenny Kravitz, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and Nicholas Cage own there. On my second day in New Orleans, my family and I went on a guided bus tour to the Lower Ninth Ward which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005. Much of the Lower Ninth Ward is still under major reconstruction but I did get to see the levees and the remains of homes left after the floods with the standard “Katrina cross” (a special marking that let search and rescue teams know the number of bodies, dead and alive, and pets in the home) on them. The few New Orleans natives that returned to the Lower Ninth Ward could be seen waving to us on our tour bus excited to see people showing an appreciation for their home city. One of the biggest highlights on the tour for me personally was seeing where the first Popeye’s chicken restaurant began. I love Popeye’s :). I also learned the meaning behind two phrases used around the state of Louisiana. First, there is “Who dat!” which is not used to ask who someone is, but is used as a lively greeting between two people. Then, there is the Cajun French expression (or rather, motto), “Laissez les bons temps rouler”, which translates literally to “Let the good times roll”.  My trip to The Big Easy ended with paying a visit to the historical French Market where I shopped for sun dresses and visited Cafe Du Monde to help myself to their delicious beignets, which is a French spin on the doughnut.
Name: B.Ierardi [Officer of Service Coordination]
What I did this summer: I read two books by author Atul Gawande: Better and The Checklist Manifesto. I read his other book Complications last summer which was equally good and I recommend all three books to anyone thinking about a career in the medical field.I applied and was awarded the NOYCE Scholarship during the 2012 Spring semester which payed for me to take 3 education classes over the summer.I taught classes in high school chemistry, physics, and biology to Baltimore city high school students.Along with 6 other friends, I helped found a new fraternity at UMBC named Delta Epsilon MU Co-Ed Pre-Health Professional Fraternity and I have been appointed to the positions of Pledge Master and Chair of Service Involvement.I raised $500 for the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Baltimore.I shadowed with Dr. Anayansi Lasso-Pirot at the University of Maryland Hospital in the pediatric pulmonary clinic and in the pediatric complex care clinic.I shadowed with Dr. Victor Urrutia at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the neurology clinic and during rounds in the neurology critical care unit.And finally I took training courses and received volunteer badges from both the University of Maryland Hospital and from the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Name: A.Pandey
What I did: I continued with my research at the University of Maryland Medical center, studied for MCAT and visited the following medical schools: Duke University School of Medicine, Wake forest University School of Medicine and UNC school medicine.
Name: K.Younger
What I did: Worked in a lab at University of Maryland School of Medicine
Name: J.Hejirika
What I Did: I went on an International Mission Trip to Botswana, Africa for 5 weeks. I went with a team of 22 people. Seventeen of which were universities students from all over the country. We stayed in the city of Gaborone and traveled into villages to aid children who had lost their families due to HIV/Aids. We mainly worked through a feeding station in one of the villages. The second half of the trip was spent at the University of Botswana speaking to the students about who Jesus is and how we can have relationship with him.
Name: n.ghriwati
What i did: spent my entire summer preparing for the mcat! 😦
Name: U.Obineme
What I did: Shadowed pediatricians at St. Joseph Medical Center and went on leadership retreats in Colorado, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.
Name: T.Riley
What I did: Internship with John Hopkins Malaria Research Institute working with internal mosquito bacteria to fight malaria parasites
Name: A.Abbasi
What I did: studied for the mcat and applied to 33 medical schools

Name: C.Amazu  What I did: I was an Amgen Research Scholar at The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Stay tuned for a vivaciously planned Fall 2012 semester! We officers have been working hard to bring you an interesting lineup of speakers and medical schools.