Welcome to the UMBC PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY. We are a student-led organization which strives to help not only premed students but also non-premed students gain information about various medical topics including advising, contacts, and other student-related problems. We also participate and organize a plethora of community based activities to benefit the local communities surrounding UMBC and around the world.

Purpose and Aims:

-To provide enrichment for undergraduates seeking to enter the medical profession in the future, through exposure to a variety of opportunities in volunteer work, research, clinical shadowing, and other relevant experiences that will contribute to their personal and academic growth.

-To establish an atmosphere of support and friendship between members, with an emphasis on upper-classmen guiding their younger peers.


-To effectively guide members in their efforts towards a career in medicine

-To offer information about the diversity of organizations and causes with which student can become involved both on and off campus

-To enhance members’ perspectives on the social and theoretical aspects that underpin health care; including but not limited to philanthropy, original research, and humanism

-To network various individuals with similar interests towards the greater collaborative good

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