New Officers for the 2015-2016 School Year!

Congratulations to the new 2014-2015 Premedical Society Officers!

President: Henry Oviedo
Vice President: Abid Siddiqui
VPSO: Kenneth Canubas
Service Coordinator: Samad Fakhar
Events Coordinator: Amir Salar Sepehri
Treasurer: Anthony Lamarche
Secretary: Carly Sciandra
Webmaster: Andrew Rimel

If you would like to receive any other weekly news from UMBC Pre-Med Society or if you do not want to receive any more emails or updates, please let myself or Andrew Rimel know.

Thanks and have a great rest of the semester!

First Meeting and other news

Hello Pre-Medical Society,

Please take note of the upcoming events and meetings
– Involvement Fest is next Wednesday September 4th from 12pm-3pm. We encourage you to invite anyone who is interested in joining to stop by and sign up.
-Our first General Body Meeting will be September 11th in Lecture Hall 2 during free hour.
-Our first Events Committee meeting will be September 16th in Biological Sciences Building room 120 during free hour.
See you there. Also there FREE PIZZA! at the first meeting, at which we will discuss the logistics of our society.


To Pre-Med Society

As we transition to the new officers, we hope to continue to be successful as a society and community. Thanks to everyone for your contributions, participation and efforts. All the best.

Your Webmaster


New Officers Announced!

Congratulations to the new 2013-2014 Premedical Society Officers:

President: Vakas Ahmad
VP: Peter John Graham
VPSI: Amit Kaul
Secretary: Don James
Treasurer: Parth Shah
Events Coordinator: Nour Al-Ghriwati
Service Coordinator: Dan Haas

Webmaster: Ose

This is the last post of Omar Bukhari.

Upcoming Events for the Semester!

Upcoming Events for the Semester!



1) UMBC for Sight Screening Training

Date: March 11th

Time: 12pm

Location: Sondheim 110  

Contact: Hadia (


2) UMBC for Sight Event

Date: March 14th

Time: 11am-2pm

Location: Commons Main Street

Contact: Hadia (


3) Bowling at Brunswick

Date: March 14th

Time: TBA

Info: Come out for a great night full of bowling and friends.


4) Volleyball Tournament

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Info: TBA


5) Blood Drive

Date: April 29th, 30th

Time: TBA

Info: Pre-Medical Society will be holding a blood drive and we will need members to help out with the drive. More information will be given out later


Fall 2012 Active Member List

The following students have been declared active members of the UMBC Pre-Medical Society for the Fall 2012 semester. Congratulations!

Membership Requirements

In order to be considered an active member of the premed society, you must fulfill the following:

-If this is your first year in the society, you must come to 5 meetings and 2 events.

-In subsequent years you must come to 3 meetings and 2 events.


Also added: Ian Sankar



Welcome all pre-existing and new members for a, hopefully, great upcoming semester! We have a lot of great events and meetings coming up which will be announced soon.

The first events meeting is TOMORROW in the Biological Sciences building room 120 so come out and pitch us some ideas for what you guys want to do this semester.

The first general body meeting will be this WEDNESDAY in Meyerhoff Chemistry Building room 030. More information regarding that meeting will be given via email on Tuesday.

Also, if you haven’t already, join the Pre-Medical Society team for relay for life. Just go to and search our team, Pre Med Society. Also, do not forget to make donations! Our goal is $10,000, it seems like a lot but we can do this.


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Upcoming Events for the Semester!



1) Escape Fire- the Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

Date: February 22nd

Time: 7:30pm

Info: Tickets are free for UMBC students, and we will offer event credit for all who go. After the movie, there will be a panel of speakers, all of which work in the field of medicine.


 Advanced registration at the following link is encouraged:


 2) Blood Drive

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Info: Pre-Medical Society will be holding a blood drive and we will need members to help out with the drive. More information will be given out later.


 3) Relay for Life

Date:April 26

Time: TBA

Info: Join our team and help us reach our goal! For those of you who do not know what relay for life is, follow this link:


Events/Service Committee Meeting: Every Monday 12-12:50 pm, Biological Sciences 120

Pre-Medical Society Meeting : Every Wednesday 12-12:50 pm, Lecture Hall 2 (Meyerhoff Chemistry Building 030)

First Events Committee Meeting of the Semester!

In addition to the first general body meeting being this week Wednesday, the first events committee meeting will be this week Monday in Bio120 during free hour. Events committee is a great way to get involved with planning for the pre-Medical society; it is also required that members who wish to become officers be active in the committee.